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Latest News

Alfie has been adopted!!   

We're thrilled to advise that Alfie has found his "furever" home. He's been adopted locally in Vale do Lobo and seems to have landed smartly on his paws with a lovely family. With a large garden at his disposal and given his energy, this is going to suit Alfie perfectly!  There's always lots of joy at CDH around the rehoming of an oldie!    

CDH needs you.... please volunteer a few hours per week to help us!
Thank you Caroline.....

Our friend in the UK, Caroline Burgess has sent us a donation in lieu of birthday gifts.... €259.21.  Please go to our gratitude page to read more.

Kacey's babies are growing!!!!

The babies will be 5-weeks old on 7 December.  We suspect that they may be medium to large in size and just keep growing.  Kacey has been an excellent Mum and although she's happy to escape these demanding babies for a few moments, she's still quite protective... so sweet!  The pups will be having their first vaccinations quite soon..... please send Sharron an email if you'd like to find out more about reserving a pup!

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A new puppy?  Ten tips!.........

Taken from an article in the Whole Dog Journal, we're providing some information on how to socialise your puppy, preventing separation/isolation anxiety, housetraining, chewing, positive training, having fun, fast recall, touch, enjoying car rides and reinforcement.

Click here to read the article. 

Meet Kacey - 2 November....

We'd like to introduce you to Kacey..... a beautiful girl who's clearly had a terrible life.  She's around 5-years old and has had multiple litters - we suspect that her babies have been taken away from her each time.  Finally, because her owner decided he couldn't be bothered to spay her, she was dumped in the street, just a few days before she was due to give birth.  All eight puppies were born and by Thursday morning, she was every bit the proud Mum..... encircling her puppies with her paws at every opportunity and clearly nervous about their protection, only trusting Sharron to get close.  Please click here for more information and photos.

Kacey.2Nov copy.jpeg

Strays in Portugal - 30 October.....

An update in the Portugal Resident on stray animals in Portugal reveals that the situation has become way worse than anticipated, with aroound 80'000 animals just in shelters.


Take special note of this infuriating sentence..... "And this is the part the committee did not address: the dozens of private shelters, which are also full to bursting – and spending thousands of euros every year on animal feed and veterinary bills." 


In April 2021, we reported that there were 50'000 strays.  Click here to read the full article.


Teaching your dog to heel - 24 October.....

We've prepared an article with information from the Dog Journal to provide some insights into teaching your dog to walk on a loose lead, obeying commands and making walkies fun for you both.  Of course, there are lots of tricks that work and trainers offer differing advice, but click here to read the full article.

Featuring our adults waiting for their "furever" homes........

It's always with a heavy heart that we continue to see our adult dogs at CDH..... especially those who've been with us for a while. Although we're doing what we can to socialise and train our residents, taking them for walks and giving them free time in their garden, there's no substitute for a golden basket with a family that loves them.  Please go to our "Doggies.... Waiting" page to see their stories. 

Volunteering and Fostering....

From time to time, CDH is in need of supporters who are able to foster a dog, usually not for more than a week or two.  Whilst some families may not be able to offer a full time home to any of our rescues, it may transpire that they'd enjoy looking after a pooch for a while.  Sharron will cover the related costs - food, veterinary services, etc.

We are always looking for and welcoming volunteers.  The chores are not back-breaking and volunteers are encouraged to spend time socialising our rescues which is always fun for those who love animals.  Apart from playing with them, volunteers take them out for a walk or a short trip to the village to get them used to strangers and other dogs.  The kettle is always ready for a drink and the biscuits are great!

If you're keen to volunteer or foster, please click here to go to our "Contact Us" page and send your details to Sharron.

.....every dog deserves a loving home

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