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Latest News

Valentine's Quiz..... 13 February!!   

Our sincerest thanks must go to our supporters..... the quiz was well attended with around 98 CDH friends joining us and a lot of fun!


We raised €1,454 at our Valentine's Quiz..... click here to see a few photos.   

Please have a look at our dogs waiting for their "furever" homes.... scroll down!!  
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Partnering with StreetLife!.....

14 February - StreetLife who have sterilised 1,034 dogs since 2017, have requested a few private shelters on the eastern Algarve to partner with them in promoting the next phase of their "Be Wise.... Sterilise" campaign. There is an offer for free sterilisation of pregnant dogs and sterilisation at a mere €30 for all other dogs up to 29 February... particularly, they're keen to reach rural families who may not have access to social media.  If you know of anyone who'd like to take advantage of this offer, click here for the EN version and click here for PT.  StreetLife are asking all friends, supporters and volunteers to spread the word... please feel free to print the hand out attached which is in EN and PT - for example, putting up posters at the green bin areas.... thank you! 

Farah has been adopted!.....

Farah was adopted by a young GNR officer, as company for his mother who recently lost her long time pet.... this is what he's written to us.... "Everything went well with Farah and my mother, they both adapted well to each other, she is super sweet and very smart! At the moment, Farah accompanies my mother everywhere, every morning they go to the beach and then to the cafe and Farah doesn't leave my mother's side! I wanted to thank you for all your availability and friendliness! Thank you for everything."   With the love and cuddling our residents experience at CDH and the care we take to ensure a match in the adoption process, our future families can rest assured that the dog they take home will be an adorable fit!!!!

Click here if you'd like to read more about Farah's story. 

Lucy Lugs and Caroline.....

CDH has an amazing friend in Suffolk in the UK... Caroline Burgess!  She adopted both Lucy and Aleysha and she's been responsible for organising the adoption of numerous CDH residents in her village.  There's an article with more details about her in the latest Portugal Resident.  Click here to have a read. 

Christmas Quiz.....

Another successful CDH quiz with around 75 of our supporters turning out on what was thankfully, quite a lovely day. We managed to raise a total of €1,385 (€87 from the sale of Julie's brooches, €100 from the Murphy's bingo challenge and €1,198 from the quiz) and on this occasion, we'll be contributing €180 to a young man.... Custodio Nascimento who suffers with ALS and lives in Cabanas de Tavira.

Our sincere thanks must go to our friends and supporters..... thank you so much for continuing to join our quizzes.  Thanks too, to Murphy's who provided excellent food and service and kindly donated raffle prizes!

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Featuring our adults waiting for their "furever" homes........

It's always with a heavy heart that we continue to see our adult dogs at CDH..... especially those who've been with us for a while. Although we're doing what we can to socialise and train our residents, taking them for walks and giving them free time in their garden, there's no substitute for a golden basket with a family that loves them.  Please go to our "Doggies.... Waiting" page to see their stories. 

Volunteering, Fostering and Dog Walking....

From time to time, CDH is in need of supporters who are able to foster a dog, usually not for more than a week or two.  Whilst some families may not be able to offer a full time home to any of our rescues, it may transpire that they'd enjoy looking after a pooch for a while.  CDH will cover the related costs - food, veterinary services, etc.

We are always looking for and welcoming volunteers.  The chores are not back-breaking and volunteers are encouraged to spend time socialising our rescues which is always fun for those who love animals.... our dogs are quite used to joining volunteers at a local café for a cup of coffee!   At the haven, the kettle is always ready for a drink and the biscuits are great!

We also have a dog walking group.... if you'd like to join, you'd be most welcome.  

If you're keen to volunteer, foster or join our walking group, please click here to go to our "Contact Us" page and send your details to Sharron.

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.....every dog deserves a loving home

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