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June 2020 - Association Status

Although not complex, the process of gaining status as an association becomes difficult because of the language issue and the time that it takes. Fortunately, Sharron had translation assistance from Marcia - a kind Portuguese friend who helped to complete the paperwork. 

The application initially, was submitted to Lisbon for approval; thereafter a second approval process had to be realised through the authorities in Faro and finally, the Notary in Villa Real Santo Antonio had to lodge the documents. 

At a cost of around €500.00, the benefits include:

  • CDH haven is now a registered, non-profit association able to enjoy reduced rates for veterinary services and food. 

  • Private dog owners are restricted to the number of dogs, whereas our status affords us the opportunity to offer more dogs a place in our haven. 

  • We have a fiscal number dedicated to the haven which assists with annual tax returns and the associated allowances.

  • A dedicated bank account. 

If you'd like to see more of our haven......

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