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June 2020

Based in Nova Cacela Velha, our haven is situated in a rural area on a relatively large plot of land.  Directions to CDH will be provided by Sharron once contact has been made.  The haven is divided into five basic areas:

  1. Entrance area and puppy nursery

  2. Socialisation area - dogs enjoy this area every day, meeting and greeting volunteers for cuddles

  3. Private - this section is used by Sharron and Treve and their pets.

  4. The kennels are located here.

  5. This is the "doggy garden" area where our residents meet each other and have the run of a large area.

The top photo reflects the area of the haven from the middle section towards the road and the entrance. The middle photo is a good illustration of the area where Sharron undertakes "spa style" hydro-physio where appropriate, the puppy run and the area behind the pool where there's seating for volunteers to relax and spend time socialising the puppies and dogs..... and enjoying a cup of tea in the sunshine.

Finally, the mobile home is used as a nursery for puppies.  All the volunteers love spending time in there!  We have a page about the Nursery..... click here.

July 2020 - Kennels

Thanks to support from our friends, we were able to build the four new kennels.  This has afforded us the opportunity to increase our rescue efforts.  It's not easy to see from the images, but these kennels are generous in term of space... another wonderful dimension to our boutique style haven!


View of the Entrance area


Socialisation area with Sharron's hydro-physio pool.


Puppy Nursery

Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 16.04.29.png

November 2020 - Kennels

A few months on and thanks to Treve, Michael and a few of our wonderful volunteers, we've built an additional three kennels. 


November 2020 - Doggy Garden

In keeping with CDH's strategy to keep updating the haven for our residents and with enormous gratitude to Michael, the last section of the property has been designated as a place for our residents to romp around, get rid of excess energy and learn to get to know each other.  With a specific socialisation programme in place, the dogs spend time every day in this large area that has been cleaned and prepared for their enjoyment.  Volunteers spend time in this area throwing the ball, running around and eating the best oranges off the trees!


March 2021 - Doggy Garden

We have blossoms!  Here are Sharron and Jill enjoying the sunshine - Spring is on its way.

January 2023 - A new kennel....

The haven continues to expand in order to accommodate our "waiting" and "permanent residents".  Whilst at home, on holiday, Treve has constructed another kennel!  When visitors see our kennels, they often comment on the spaciousness of the enclosures.  

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