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There's so much excellent information available for training dogs.  There's no doubt that dogs are often taken to shelters and/or abondoned because they perhaps display behaviours that don't suit the family.  It's fair to say that a lot of people are annoyed by a dog that jumps on them constantly, never stops barking, helps themselves to food from the dinner table or a counter, etc.  The really good part about training a dog is that they learn quite quickly and it's pretty easy.... the difficult part is making sure that everyone in the family sticks to the rules and that the training is reinforced regularly, by all.

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Parque de Feiras e Exposições, Tavira

We have been so fortunate, and our sincere thanks must go to the Frankie Foundation, to have the services of Nuno whose training school..... Incríveis is based in Tavira.  Nuno is passionate about puppy and adult dog training and offers classes for individuals, managing behavioural problems, group socialisation, puppies, sports and competition training and training at home. 

"Incríveis is a school that offers commitment, honesty and guarantee a good performance with excellent results. We offer various types of training, choose the one that best suits your goal.

We believe the training promotes stronger

relationships between owners and animals."


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"There are no untrainable dogs.... just untrained humans" to quote Zak George.

There are numerous YouTube videos on the ways to traing dogs :

Six things that will make it easy to train your dog

How to train a puppy not to bite

How to potty train and crate train a puppy

I let my dog off the leash and she ran away from me!

How to get your unfocused dog to listen to you right now

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Cesar Milan..... a well known expert in the field of training dogs.  He has a few videos and books that are interesting to watch and very informative.

How to properly walk an over-excited dog


How to calm an excited dog

Cesar Milan -vs- Hyper-Dog (Stop Dog Lunging)


How to approach a dog


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Victoria Stilwell is a lovely British lady who works all over the world, running training programmes for dogs with behavioural problems.  "It's me or the Dog" is probably a series that most people have seen, or heard about.  Her entire approach to training is positive and gentle, focusing on reinforcement and consistency.

Incredibly shy dog and training success


Barking Queen Bichon Frise

Harsh punishments with choke chain cause dog to faint


It's me or the Dog - Top 5 badly behaved dogs

The dog from hell

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