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Sharron is originally from Yorkshire and was born and raised on a farm where she developed a lifelong passion for the wellbeing of animals.  Her amibition, from her earliest recollections, was to have a shelter for stray, abandoned and abused dogs. 


With her husband, Treve who is also dedicated to the success of CDH, Sharron moved to Portugal in 2010 and in an informal way, managed to start moving forward with her dream of sheltering and rehoming dogs on the Algarve. Official status for CDH was achieved in June 2020.


Because he works away from home on an oil rig, Treve doesn't get as much time as he'd like at the haven but he's in constant touch with what's happening and is passionate about CDH. 

When Sharron rescues a dog, he/she is vaccinated, chipped, sterilised and of course, well-nourished before being offered for rehoming.  As of November 2019, CDH has assisted with many adoptions (note our Adoption Count on the home page) The vision of course, is to help with many more in the future.

CDH often sends dogs to other countries - the UK, Germany and Holland for example.  A home check is done of prospective families to ensure that our treasures go to 5-Star homes. 


Some of the dogs arriving at CDH have ongoing medical problems that preclude them from being rehomed.  These dogs will be our "honoured residents" and will always have a home at our haven.  Please look at our sponsorship options for these dogs.

Sharron is so determined to work towards better care for dogs on the Algarve that she wrote an email to the President of Portugal, about the treatment of animals in this country.... click here to see his response. 

The CDH Board is made up of the following members:

Sharron Ellis, Treve Ellis, John Leatherland, Jackie Earls, Debra Streeter and Ella Pugh.

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