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With Gratitude..... helping other Charities

During Covid, it became obvious that so many charities were struggling (.... even more than usual) to cope financially. Sharron decided to raise additional funds when we ran our quizzes and/or send a small portion of the money that CDH raises, to charities in Portugal who are either animal-related, or really in need.  These are the donations made by CDH....

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Buddy's Legacy - September 2023

Jo Puddle lives quite close to CDH and has been an avid supporter of our efforts... Jo adores animals and lives on a large property that is home to quite a few pets!

In 2018, a large male was rescued from certain death on a busy road..... exhausted, about 10kg underweight and with severe loss of fur.  Jo took over his ownership and named him Buddy.  After ensuring that he was optimally nourished, medicated and loved, this truly gorgeous and beautifully natured boy regained his health and lived his best life!

On 4 April 2023, Buddy passed away after failing to recover from an emergency surgery and in his honour, Jo decided to set up a charity to help dogs that are in urgent need of veterinary treatment but are owned by families who may struggle to afford what is often, expensive veterinary care.   To achieve this, Jo puts out a donation request on the "Buddy's Legacy" Facebook page and co-ordinates the organisation and the treatment.  Have a look at the work that Jo is doing to help on the East Algarve!

When we held the September "End of Summer" Quiz, CDH donated €150 to Buddy's Legacy.

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IRA (Intervenção e Resgate Animal)  - November 2022

This organisation, based in Lisbon do incredible work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray animals.  In November, to celebrate "Mutt of the Month", we ran a competition for the cutest pooch and managed to raise €200 which we donated to IRA.

Their mission statement says it all.....

"The IRA's mission is to rescue animals that are victims of abuse, neglect or when their welfare conditions are not guaranteed.

With different teams for each phase of the rescue, we collaborate with the competent authorities if necessary, for the intervention and/or rescue of each case.


All rescued animals are for responsible adoption, after full clinical and behavioral rehabilitation."

Click here to go to their website!

Ànimas - September 2021 .....

To celebrate "Service Dog Month" in September 2021, we ran a "Quiz within Quiz" asking our supporters to donate an extra €1 to enter, with questions about service dogs.  


Ànimas is an organisation based in Lisbon..... they do an amazing job providing those in need, with a service dog.  Click here to go to their website - it's well worth visiting! 


We were thrilled to have raised €75.00 with this little quiz and they were thrilled to receive the donation.

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