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Stress associated with a change of home.....

Click here to go to an article in the "Whole Dog Journal".... (you can sign up for their newslettter)... that comprehensively describes the situation for a dog that's moving to a new home.  The article is titled "Recognizing Dog Stress While Adjusting to a New Home" and from CDH's point of view, it explains quite clearly how the newly adopted dog needs time and patience to become fully comfortable in their new home. 

From our experience, the true personality of the dog only becomes evident once he/she has had the time necessary to absorb the smells, sounds and people in the new surroundings. 

Man with his Dog

Start things off on the right paw with your rescue dog.....

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Click here to read this well written guide by Lauren Corona of on what to do when you adopt a pet and introduce them to their new family.  After jumping through the very necessary hoops to reassure your pet's rescuers that you're going to love him/her and be responsible adopters, there are some excellent suggestions to help your pet to settle.

More tips from Petplan.....

Whilst there's some duplication in terms of suggestions, this article covers additional aspects of adopting a pet.  Preparation of your home and gardens, behavioural issues... and more.  

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What about training.....

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Because they love you and want to spend time with your undivided attention, your dog really wants to participate in training and without trying to turn your pet into a Crufts candidate, there is definitely some basic training that can be implemented to make life easier for everyone at home and provide your pet with a safety net.  Pet recall is one method that is important to ensure that your pet won't get lost when accidentally off the lead in a park, for example.   

For additional suggestions on gentle training, click here.

Best training books of 2020.....

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According to "The Spruce Pets" ..... click here to see the best 7 books for 2020 on dog training.

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