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Lucy Lugs and Caroline.....
11 January 2024

CDH has an amazing friend in Suffolk in the UK... Caroline Burgess!  She adopted both Lucy and Aleysha and she's been responsible for organising the adoption of numerous CDH residents in her village.  There's an article with more details about her in the latest Portugal Resident.  Click here to have a read. 


Stray Dogs in Portugal.....

30 October 2023

An update in the Portugal Resident on stray animals in Portugal reveals that the situation has become way worse than ever anticipated, with aroound 80'000 animals just in shelters. In April 2021, we reported that there were 50'000 strays.  Click here to read the full article.

Clever Dog! - 1 July 2023....

We're often shocked by how clever, loving and compassionate our dogs are... let's face it, they often outsmart us!  Well, here's a lovely story about Chaser a Border Collie........ click here to see the video and click here to read more about clever dogs!

What vegetables can our dogs eat?.....

This is a question that's often asked.... there still seems to be differing views.  Even if you don't subscribe to the idea of including vegetables in your dog's diet on a regular basis, this article from the "Whole Dog Journal" does clear up a few questions around what veggies our doggies can eat.

Click here if you'd like to read more.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 at 16.23.36.png

Stray Dogs in Portugal.....

4 April 2021

We've prepared an article on the current situation in Portugal regarding strays and we're happy to say that we're also offering a Portuguese version. 


English - Portuguese.

Three Big Puppies
Sterilisation - Why The Netherlands has ZERO stray dogs......

20 February 2021

Please click here to read about a wonderful sterilisation programme undertaken in Holland that has resulted in ZERO strays in that country.  It's achievable and the hard work has been done by their Animal Protection agencies..... we just have to find a way to implement it here.  We also have a Portuguese version of the article - please spread this idea in Portugal and share the article, wherever possible.


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