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Please click here to download the Cacela Dog Haven Adoption Form.  Once completed, you can send the form to us via email.

We are also attaching the
SAIC Form (Declaração de transmissão de titularidade de animal registado no SIAC) in order to register and microchip your dog.  If you'd like more information, please read the English article in Idealista about the introduction of this law.

Use the online form below to send us an enquiry if you'd like to know more about the dogs that we have available for adoption.


Online Enquiry Form to Adopt a Dog from CDH

We understand that you are making enquiries about possibly adopting one of our adorable residents.  If you already have a dog in mind, please just submit this form with the name of pet you're keen to adopt. Otherwise, complete the section on the details of the type of pet you're looking for.  An enquiry does not constitute a commitment to adopt a dog.

Enquirer's Information

Enquirer's Information

Information about the Dog you're looking for

(Breed, personality, temperament, energetic or calm..... etc)

(Puppy, Adult)

(Small, Medium, Large)

Tell us a bit about your Family and Home

(Family size, number of children and ages, size of the home, safe outside area, etc) 

Thanks for sending us an Enquiry!

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