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With our gratitude for amazing gifts .....

We have been so blessed with our CDH supporters..... their generosity is an inspiration.  We're dedicating this page to those who've contributed so much.....

April 24 - Doggie Gifts.....

With sincere thanks to "Animal Life" for their generous donation to our rescue efforts and our precious residents.  Thanks too to the volunteers and those who donated..... thank you so much! 

December 23 - Caroline, our UK benefactor.....

For her birthday, Caroline asked her friends and family to donate to StreetLife.  We are so grateful for the €259.21 that we received.  Caroline has been our friend and supporter for some time now.... she has helped CDH to rehome so many of our dogs.  She has taken Lucy (who is called Lucy Lugs) and Aleysha (left).  There are numerous CDH dogs in Southwold now, thanks to Caroline.  We appreciate you and thank you lovely lady!

November 23 - Our wonderful supporters.....

We'd like to thank Simon who owns the English Shop and his lovely customers for the €196.52 that we extracted from the donation tin that he kindly keeps in his shop, for CDH.  The generosity of those who have befriended CDH is heartwarming!  Thank you!

October 23 - Our wonderful supporters.....

We are so fortunate to have such amazing supporters..... a huge "Happy Birthday" and "Thank you" to Pippa and Graham who generated some much needed funds for our haven and for A Dog's Life.  We are so grateful for the whopping €850 raised at the event through donations and raffles!  

September 23 - Food, glorious food.....

Our thanks must go to Maria and her team for their generous donation of dog food.  Your kindness is so much appreciated.

September 23 - Thank you.....

A massive thank you to Natalie, Henry and the East Algarve Walking Football Club who raised €235 for CDH and A Dog's Life.  This generous donation funded THREE bags of Chow Puppy Food and FIVE bags of Chow Adult food.


Thank you to everyone involved! 

August 23 - Pricing dog food to help us.....

A massive thank you to Cores Invulgares in São Bras Alportel for giving us and A Dog's Life a great price for our monthly dog food order.

You'd be hard pushed to find a kinder, more helpful team and it was an absolute pleasure visiting their store. 


Thank you to everyone involved! 

February 23 - A wonderful donation.....

We've been so fortunate to receive an anonymous donation through our associates in Holland..... an incubator!!  This is going to make such a difference for our future bottle-fed litters.


CDH has become known as the "puppy" shelter - with Sharron specialising in the difficult job of bottle feeding every 2-4 hours, right through the night, and providing the other cuddling and care that goes with trying to save these tiny babies.   

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