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We're going to list some very helpful links here, to organisations and friends who are involved in the business of looking after animals on the Algarve that have been abandoned, abused and/or neglected. 

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StreetLife Animal Sterilisation Programme is a charitable, non-profit organisation that supports sterilisation procedures for pet dogs and strays on the eastern Algarve. By early April 2022, this amazing group had facilitated 646 sterilisations - this is a truly excellent achievement.  If you'd like to see more information, please have a look at the StreetLife Website, or click here for their Facebook page.

Have a look at the Facebook page of the Frankie Foundation.  Started when their rescue cat Frankie was injured and then died in 2019, this non-profit organisation does an enormous amount of good work, helping strays and neglected/abused animals.  Their contribution to CDH is the organisation and funding of the wonderful training sessions that we're able to provide to teach our pups and dogs the skills they'll need in a new home.

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A great veterinary service in Tavira.... Nova Vet was founded in 2012 by Sarah Langridge a Vet who qualified at the University College School of Veterinary Medicine in Dublin.  Currently, Dr Pet (originally from Chile) is the managing Vet and his speciality is homeopathy for animals. This practice helps many associations around Tavira and elsewhere with the health and sterilisation of pets.  Click here to access their website.

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Also based in Tavira, this veterinary clinic (VETGILÃO) focuses on treatment and care, with respect and passion, for the animals in their care; always in close dialogue with the human family that accompanies them. The team consists of two veterinarians, one veterinary nurse and a full-time veterinary assistant.  Additionally, when needed, they call upon the extra collaboration of experienced colleagues.  Have a look at their Website.

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Hospital Veterinário de Loulé - inaugurated on 1 December 2012, this Loulé veterinary hospital has a permanent 24-hour veterinary service outside of their regular opening hours, ensured by three Veterinary Surgeons. 

Have a look at their Facebook page.

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Europet is based in Silves and Faro on the Algarve. A small family run company, operating for ten years and working alongside many of the animal rescue centres as well as with private pet owners, Europet offers a safe, comfortable, pet transport service leaving from Portugal, driving through Spain and France to various locations within the UK and return to Portugal.  Have a look at their Facebook page.

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Algarve Dog Rehoming is a shelter founded by Wendy Frost.  A rehoming group, this shelter strives to help individuals to rehome dogs, for whatever reason.  Working towards assisting all the main charities in the Algarve, their efforts are reciprocated wherever possible.  A 100% voluntary group accepting no financial reward for their activities except where donations are requested for a specific project or special case... for example, in paying for Vet's fees or helping another charity in need. 


Have a look at their Facebook page.

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Pet Online is an online pet shop created by two Portuguese friends, Elsa and Maria.

More than just a store, Pet Online try to provide the best life for their pet kids via a complete and easy to navigate website.  On top of all the products you'd need to take care of your pet, you'll also find the best service providers as well as 24-hour veterinary advice on how to take the best care of your pet.

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SAIC (Sistema de Informação de Animais de Companhia) is the Portuguese authority for the registration of pets.  Although the information on this site is only available in Portuguese, there is an article in Idealista in English (Oct 2019), that quite clearly describes the entire background and process.

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APAR rescues, vaccinates, sterilizes and rehomes street dogs in the Moncarapacho/ Fuseta area.  CDH has a close liaison with APAR and we're two non-organisations that through our network, work tirelessly to rehabilitate and rehome stray, neglected and abused dogs.  The link will take you to their Facebook page.

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Europetnet.... this is a registration site for Europe.  If a chip on a stray appears not to be registered in the Portuguese database, it may well be that it has been registered elsewhere.  Please always ask the Vet or the GNR to check the Euopetnet database as well.  Click here to go to their website.

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