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​How we use donations.....

In the spirit of transparency, we're providing a rolling breakdown of costs, for the current year.....

  •  FOOD -

    • When we rescue dogs who are malnourished and underweight, they are fed a special diet of chicken, veggies, rice and supplements, in addition to the normal food offered.  Until they have reached the weight considered optimal by the Vet, they remain on the special diet.

    • Paté is fed to the bigger dogs, in addition to dry food.

    • Only the best quality food is offered to residents of CDH.  A super premium food is provided for adult dogs (70% meat, 30% fruit/veg).  


    • We sometimes rescue a litter still not weaned... in that event, when the owner wants the Mum to be returned, we do so only after we've convinced her owner to let us sterilise the Mum.  

    • There have been occasions when we've rescued a dog that is later claimed by the owner.... again, we do what we can to ensure that the dog is sterilised before being returned.

    • No adult dog is rehomed unless sterilised.  In fact, as soon as a dog is taken on by CDH, he/she will automatically be sterilised as soon as funds allow and the dog is declared healthy by a Vet.

    • CDH has been approached quite a few times this year to help cats.... we've taken on a few and of course, they've been sterilised before being rehomed.  Additionally, we've sterilised cats that are placed back into their environment, once CDH has been assured that there is a feeding programme in place.


    • Apart from the costs related to the rescue itself, we are often required to pay for surgeries.  It's not unusual for dogs to arrive at CDH with broken or damaged legs.

    • Parvo-virus is deadly for puppies and we had outbreaks in 2021/22 that involved the hospitalisation of puppies and other specialised medical treatment at a cost of around €5,000.  Extensive disinfecting takes place at least once a year, to ensure that puppies are safe from this awful virus.  Our plan now is that puppies are not socialised until they've had their first round of vaccinations and those puppies that need bottle feeding, are isolated.


    • Dogs are dewormed every three months at a cost of €6.50 per tablet and depending on weight, some dogs need 3 tablets. 

    • Some of the dogs suffering with Leishmaniasis are on lifelong medication - the cost of the drug Allopurinol and LeishGuard together with the administration fees, are high.


    • Tick/Flea collars are applied as required by the manufacturers.

    • Garden maintenance includes the removal of garbage from the property and managing the area used as the dogs' garden.

    • Where capital expenditure is, for the construction of new kennels, this cost is reflected separately.

    • The transport fee includes the many visits to Vets and taking dogs destined for other countries in Europe to meet with transporters. 

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